Attaining Justice – Facilitating a Smooth Transition to a Sustainable and Equitable Global Society

Setting Things Right Again

As Aunty Karen Roberts, a Widjabul Culture woman and sovereignty activist, says:

“There are three sides to every story:

the lie, the truth, and justice”.

Humanity has its work cut out for itself to successfully negotiate the transition to a just, genuinely democratic and sustainable global civilization. Luckily, there are way-showers to emulate and working models to draw upon.

The Earth Holocracy Proposal points to ‘Restorative Practices’ for meaningfully resolving issues of injustice and wrong-doing.

Restorative Practices resolve injustices and wrong-doings at various levels and situations of society by processes for promoting understanding, mutual responsibility and constructive responses.

In Restorative Practice, “offenders take meaningful responsibility for their actions, taking the opportunity to right their wrongs and redeem themselves, in their own eyes and in the eyes of the community”. According to John Braithwaite, restorative justice is “a process where all stakeholders affected by an injustice have an opportunity to discuss how they have been affected by the injustice and to decide what should be done to repair the harm”.

Restorative Practices heal and reconnect the individual, the family, and the community – in ways that restore and heal the very fabric of society, ways that effectively establish the basis for a just and harmonious society.

Please see – from Volume Six, Part Four of the Earth Holocracy Proposal – the Restorative Justice article.

The issue of facilitating a  smooth transition to a just and equitable future for global civilization is explored in the 12th article of Volume One – please see Starting to Build the Decentralized System of Real Global Democracy Now.

Humanity has now the maturity and the means to usher in  a great age of all-encompassing restoration, of renewal, and the unleashing of hidden potential, human brilliance and goodwill.

See also the ‘OGSM’ (Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures) document: Attaining Justice: Facilitating a Smooth Transition to an Equitable and Inclusive Society through Restorative Practices – designed for the use of participants in the Global Holocratic Assembly who wish to focus upon this core issue and fundamental priority.


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  1. Katharine Dawn Avatar
    Katharine Dawn

    How great we will all feel – doing the right thing by each other and ourselves! It’s an alluring option – don’t you think?

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