RHA-NR Priorities Goals Strategies and Measures

Here we present action-plans for each of the Key Objectives or ‘Priorities’ of the Regional Holocratic Assembly – Northern Rivers. We use the ‘OGSM’ (Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures) format successfully employed by corporations and businesses worldwide.

As explained in the RHA-NR Vision, Mission and Priorities page/document, the Priorities presented herein are those of the region’s official Sustainability Plan. Most of the Goals, Strategies and Measures are also drawn directly from the region’s Sustainability Plans, while a small number emerge from grassroots community considerations.

It is hoped that the OGSM presentations provide user-friendly means for RHA-NR Participants to swiftly familiarize themselves with vital particulars of the region’s Sustainability Plan, and also, significantly, to determine where their own skills, experience and interests may best be applied towards furthering the Plan’s desired outcomes and the community’s aspirations for a prosperous, healthy and sustainable future for the NR region.

Please click the RHA-NR Priorities below of particular interest to you, thereby opening the 1 or 2 page PDF file that presents the action-plan proposed for each selected Priority.

Priorities, Goals, Strategies and Measures

1. Connect Our Communities

2. Develop as a Region of Learning

3. Conserve our Natural Environment and Resources

4. Develop Sustainable Industry

5. Foster Inclusive Communities

6. Strengthen Regional Identity

7. Enhance Regional Collaboration

Realizing Goals – Fulfilling Aspirations

The primary purpose of the Northern Rivers Assembly is to provide a civil organization for the community to self-organize collaborative efforts aimed at ensuring a sustainable, prosperous and healthy future for the Northern Rivers Region. Many residents in the Northern Rivers understand the necessity (as presented within the Earth Holocracy Proposal) for the empowerment of Local Communities to control and direct their own social, cultural, political and economic development, and to freely manage their own natural wealth and resources. Many residents understand (again, as presented within the Earth Holocracy Proposal) that the only realistically viable way to achieve global sustainability, peace and justice is to establish a decentralized participatory democracy from the grassroots. As such, it is anticipated that many NR residents participating in the Assemblies will be keen and ready to prioritize not only the above ‘determinants’ for achieving regional sustainability, but also the Priorities identified for the Global Holocratic Assembly of sustainability and ‘real democracy’ advocates worldwide.

Please see:

GHA Core Values and Ethical Guidelines

GHA Vision Mission and Priorities

GHA Priorities Goals Strategies and Measures


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