Global Holocratic Assembly

Welcome to the Global Holocratic Assembly – an online community of authentic advocates of a sustainable and genuinely democratic future. Your participation and input is highly valued.

Becoming an Active Participant

There are numerous ways that you can be an active and valued participant in the Global Holocratic Assembly – spreading the word, sharing links and information, promoting your Local Community’s engagement, even helping to improve the Assembly’s current body of resources (its essays, posters, templates and online forums).

The GHA now has a user-friendly Forum (created by Loomio) to facilitate discussion, collaboration and decision-making by Participants: please visit and contribute

Core Founding Documents of the Global Holocratic Assembly

You are warmly invited to have your say – contributing your ideas and suggestions towards honing, improving upon and translating the draft Core Documents of the Global Holocratic Assembly.

These documents are meant to provide the inviolable compass and guide for all GHA activities:

GHA Core Values and Ethical Guidelines

GHA Vision, Mission and Priorities

Priorities, Goals, Strategies, Action

Join the Global Holocratic Assembly

We want to get to know you. Please fill in the GHA Membership Form HERE.

If you missed the introduction to “Holocratic People’s Assemblies”, you might want to back-step momentarily, familiarizing yourself with background information that explains what distinguishes a ‘Holocratic People’s Assembly’ from other types of people’s Assemblies: HERE.


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