Welcome to the home site of the Earth Holocracy Proposal.

This site endeavors to present the resounding consensus of popular movements worldwide concerning

  1. the extreme nature of the environmental, social, political and economic crises faced by the current generation of humanity
  2. the root cause of our crises being the centralization of power and wealth in the hands of the neoliberal hegemony
  3. the only viable and realistic means for resolving the mega-crises now faced being the empowerment and self-organization of Local Communities – to direct their own affairs and responsibly steward their own territory’s natural environment, wealth and resources.

The Earth Holocracy Proposal presents this wide-reaching consensus, and moreover, translates it into a practical vision, best-practice strategies and a skeletal blueprint for an inter-regionally cooperative, ecologically-sound, humanly-rewarding global civilization: a decentralized participatory democracy founded upon local self governance and local environmental stewardship:

  • as CALLED FOR by the world’s many Real Democracy and Self Determination / Independence Movements – and by all advocates of a genuinely democratic world
  • as REQUIRED FOR – not only the survival – but the flourishing of global human civilization
  • and as CHAMPIONED in Regions of Autonomous Self Governance, for example, in Syrian Rojava and the Mexican Chiapas, and in various Nations, particularly those of the Bolivarian Alliance.

1. The democratic, community-rights based, empowerment of Local Communities to direct their own affairs and steward their own natural environment – using the proposal’s Local Community Declaration of Rights. This Declaration represents the proposal’s “springboard” to a genuinely democratic – socio-culturally, politically and economically decentralized system. The authority of the Declaration is based upon “the will of the people” and the internationally-recognized and legally-binding UN International Bill of Human Rights.

2. The catalyzing of a global social movement – a “movement of movements” united in “Global Solidarity for Local Self Determination”, and premised upon the understanding that the only realistic way to ensure a viable future for global civilization is by decentralizing power and wealth, by liberating Local Communities to manage their own lives, effectively direct their own destinies, and steward their own natural environments. The proposal’s “Statement of Global Solidarity for Local Self Determination” represents a new social contract between Local Communities everywhere – one that supports and liberates the people to focus upon the “job at hand”: building, from the grassroots, a world of “Local, Living Economies” and a new socio-politico-economic system: a decentralized participatory democracy based upon the people’s place-based identity, active citizenship and robust stewardship.

3. The ensuring of the authenticity, integrity and fruitfulness of society’s democratizing process by means of the proposal’s advocated organizational model, the “Holocratic Circle”. Presented in Volume Four, the Holocratic Circle is a customized fusion of best practices for achieving the egalitarian, transparent, accountable, efficient, horizontal, ethics-based, harmonious and fruitful collaboration popularly called for and now required. Its key design processes are modeled upon the “Sociocratic Circle” or “Integrated Learning Circle” of Sociocracy.

4. Providing a straight-forward blueprint for achieving economic decentralization – drawing upon P.R. Sarkar’s Progressive Utilization Theory (widely known as PROUT), and presenting a cornucopia of working solutions advanced by the global “Relocalization Movement” and the “sustainability revolution”, which show the way for the overhaul of human industry and commerce now urgently required in order to achieve a “clean-and-green”, sustainable, ecologically-responsible, humanly-rewarding and viable future for humanity.
Please see Volume Five: “Economic Decentralization”.

The proposal is presented on this site, and in six volumes:






Vol-6 Why Whole System Change is Necessary

Part 1   Global Domination by the Neoliberal Hegemony

Part 2  Systemic Global Militarism

Part 3     Propaganda, Conspiracy and the Matrix of Deception

Part 4   Popular Rejection of Neoliberal Imperialism


There Are Solutions

“Each and every” obstacle to building a sustainable global civilization “has solutions”, affirms Ed Groark, Acting President of Worldwatch, “especially if we commit to an ethic of stewardship, robust citizenship, and a systems approach to addressing the challenges that we face”.

Gaelle Gourmelon, April 13, 2015, Press Release: Hidden Threats Imperil Quest for Sustainable Societies Worldwide

The Time is Now


“Only mass social movements can save us now.

“Because we know where the current system, left unchecked, is headed… To arrive at that dystopia, all we need to do is keep barrelling down the road we are on.

The only remaining variable is whether some countervailing power will emerge to block the road, and simultaneously clear some alternate pathways to destinations that are safer. If that happens, well, it changes everything.”
Naomi Klein, 2014, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate., pages 449, 45

“If opposition movements are to do more than burn bright and then burn out, they will need a comprehensive vision for what should emerge in the place of our failing system, as well as serious political strategies for how to achieve those goals… … a People’s Shock, a blow from below [that] can disperse power into the hands of the many rather than consolidating it in the hands of the few, and radically expand the commons, rather than auctioning it off in pieces.”
Naomi Klein, 2014, ibid., pp. 9, 10

“We have come to the point where the courage of exceptional individuals won’t suffice;

we now need humanity as a whole to become heroic.”

Ed Ayres, 1999, ‘Why Are We Not Astonished?’


Surely the time is now for humanity to unite in a “movement of movements” – liberating Local Communities, sharing best-practice solutions, setting about the democratization of society, the relocalization of the global economy and the ecological over-hauling of human industry.

That we might meet the opportunity of bequeathing a living earth and good life to future generations,

Katharine Dawn, Developer of the Earth Holocracy Proposal

Please add your voice to this site’s Vital Conversations

All authentic advocates of a sustainable and genuinely democratic future for global civilization are most welcome to join the fledgling online community of the Global Holocratic Assembly [GHA]. Please see the 10 Priorities of the Global Holocratic Assembly HERE: your participation and input are most warmly welcome.


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  1. Katharine Dawn Avatar
    Katharine Dawn

    As the developer of the Earth Holocracy Proposal and this site, I would like to express my gratitude and honouring of all champions of democracy and sustainability – the many voices of which actually compose the Earth Holocracy Proposal.

    I would like to pay tribute to the Occupy Movement – as the Earth Holocray Proposal is actually an outcome of the movement’s call, in early 2012, for the people to articulate “our vision of democracy”.

    Finally, I would very much like to acknowledge that this site’s Vital Conversations are much indebted to its many predecessors: here we are carrying forward the intent, spirit and initiative of, for example, Social Movements for an Alternative Asia (SMAA)’s 2014 Economy for Life in our Earth Community, and the Spanish Real Democracy Movement’s 2012 Charter for Democracy:

    Social Movements for an Alternative Asia:

    “As our Vision states, the Economy for Life is an economy where the fundamental needs of every being and Mother Earth are guaranteed to promote the creativity, humanity and happiness of life. Where solidarity, complementarity, diversity, peace and the well-being of the Earth community as a whole have replaced the greed, ambition, competition, individualism, discrimination, violence and destruction of our Mother Earth generated by the logic of capital.

    “Our vision is to build an eco-society that seeks equity within humanity and a balance with nature. To achieve this goal, humanity needs a new kind of system and economy that has human rights and rights of nature at its heart.”

    “There is no possibility to fix the capitalist system to serve humanity and nature. A “sustainable capitalism” or “sustainable development” under the logic of capital is a mirage. The later we are able to achieve the transformation of this system the more painful it will be.

    “One key step in this process of social mobilizations and organization is to deepen our understanding of the alternatives to the capitalist system. With this aim, representatives of social movements of Asia and different parts of the world held an Economic Justice Assembly in Bali, Indonesia, in December 2013, during the #EndWTO week of action, adopting this living document that reflects our debates and a contribution to the building of an alternative that can get us out of this nightmare.”

    Social Movements for an Alternative Asia (SMAA), 13 April, 2014, Economy for Life in our Earth Community

    The Spanish Movement for Real Democracy, 2014, Charter for Democracy:

    “A democracy created among all people is possible – a democracy not reduced to merely voting, but founded on participation, citizen control and equal rights.

    “This Charter emerged from the desire to contribute to this process of democratization. In this sense, it contributes from a place of joy, from the energy of citizen mobilizations, from politics happening outside political parties, speaking in first person plural and trying to build a life worth living for everyone. No doubt the impetus is democracy itself. People have the ability to invent other forms of governing themselves and living together. This text was created with the assurance that today’s struggles are the basis of the coming democracy.

    “As this is a proposal of democratization, this Charter is presented as an unfinished, long-term construction project, openly inviting anyone to participate.

    “This Charter points towards the basic, necessary elements needed to reconstruct a new institutional model that is open to the collective needs, proposals and capacity for self-governance that has recently found its voice throughout streets, squares and networks. Seen this way, the participative, deliberative process we yearn for matters as much as its content, which should always be a faithful reflection of the proposals and aspirations of the citizenry.

    “In essence, this Charter calls for opening a new process of debate, leading to a political and economic restructuring to guarantee life, dignity and democracy. It’s presented here as a contribution towards establishing a new social contract, a process of democratic reform in which the people — the “anyones”— are the true protagonists.

    “It’s time for the citizens to appropriate public institutions and resources, in order to ensure their defense, control and fair distribution.”

    The Spanish Movement for Real Democracy, 2014, Charter for Democracy

    1. César Emilio Valdivieso París Avatar
      César Emilio Valdivieso París

      Yeah Katharine! It is mandatory to make a revolution that gives real power to people and builds a sustainable future. A hug for you.

      1. Katharine Dawn Avatar

        Dear, dear Cesar,

        Please forgive the outrageous tardiness of my reply to your warm and encouraging comment! Clearly, I have neglected my site-administrative work for some time! Yes, Cesar! As you know, and as the six volume presentation of the Earth Holocracy Proposal corroborates in the voices of sustainability and real democracy advocates worldwide, humanity urgently needs “to make a revolution that gives real power to the people and builds a sustainable future”. A great big hug – straight back atcha!

  2. César Emilio Valdivieso París Avatar
    César Emilio Valdivieso París

    Greetings friends of The Earth Holocracy Proposal. I’m very happy to see that we are going the same way towards building a sustainable global civilization. Here is a similar proposal that might be of interest to you:


    Despite the high quality of life that some of the so-called developed nations have achieved, the truth is that the world, considered as a group of countries located in a fragile and geographically limited biosphere, is threatened with extinction due to human conflicts and the depredation of the environment.
    Notwithstanding the good and very important actions taken by groups and individuals in favor of a better world, deterioration at all levels continues to increase dangerously.
    After more than thirty years dedicated to these matters, and since “an image is worth a thousand words” we have come up with an alternative strategy, which consists of designing a self-sufficient and sustainable model city that has all the characteristics of infrastructure and organization inherent to the peaceful and sustainable society that we want for ourselves and our descendants, whose representation in the form of scale models, animated series, feature films, video games and theme parks, would constitute a model to follow to generate the necessary changes.
    The prototype that we present has some characteristics that are opposed, sometimes in a radical way, to the religious, economic, political and educational traditions and customs that have been transmitted from generation to generation, yet are the causes of the aforementioned problems, and therefore must be transformed.
    If you are interested in knowing about this project, or even participating in it, we invite you to visit our website https://elmundofelizdelfuturo.blogspot.com/ (written in Spanish and English), where we are working in that sense.

    1. Katharine Dawn Avatar

      Dear Cesar, bless you for your great commitment, dedication and work! Wow. I’ve checked out the ElMundoFelizdelFuturo blog: good on you (as the Aussies say)! And you are from way-leading Spain: I love and extensively quote from the Manifestos and Charters of the Spanish Real Democracy Movement throughout the compilatory work of the Earth Holocracy Proposal – for example, in the articles The Time for Real Global Democracy is Now
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/bw3w1prz1ni7s7w/4-The-Time-for-Real-Global-Democracy-is-Now.pdf?dl=0 and The Voice of the People
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/896rslb8kofjemi/2-Voice-of-the-People.pdf?dl=0. I also reproduce the Madrid People’s Assembly’s The Direct Democracy Movement’s ‘Quick Guide on Group Dynamics in People’s Assemblies’
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/62rbxory2mm235p/3-Holding-Peoples-Assemblies.pdf?dl=0. I also feature the Catalan Independence Movement – both in an article: Catalonia’s Vibrant Independence Movement
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezd9k1pk8zeuhix/10-Catalonias-Vibrant-Independence-Movement.pdf?dl=0 and also as a Vital Conversation: Independence Movements, all Peoples Right of Self Determination and the Case of Catalonia. You’re on track with endeavouring to present a prototype for “a self-sufficient and sustainable model city”. As David Suzuki (and many others have pointed out), we need a vision of where we want to go in order to move in the desired direction! You may find the Earth Holocracy Proposal’s Volume Five on Economic Decentralization http://www.earth-holocracy.world/economic-decentralization/ to be of particular interest and use for your great project – including its presentation of Freiburg – A Green City
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/s73as7adbt3b454/21-Freiburg-A-Green-City.pdf?dl=0; Earthships – Sustainable, Off-the-Grid, Affordable Eco-Housing
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/s1fvb2d82m5xmoy/22-Earthships-Sustainable-off-the-grid-Affordable-Eco-Housing.pdf?dl=0; and The City That Ended Hunger – The Success Story of Belo Horizonte
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/so38okrubdelebq/26-The-City-That-Ended-Hunger-The-Success-Story-of-Belo-Horizonte.pdf?dl=0. I sincerely wish for you and your colleagues all the support you need. May the World and all her inhabitants be Happy! El Futuro es Nosotros!

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