RHA-NR Core Values and Ethical Guidelines

The RHA-NR Core Values and Ethical Guidelines is a Key Founding Document [KFD] for the Northern Rivers Assembly. With other KFDs, this document provides an inviolable guide for all policies, projects and initiatives that the RHA-NR may undertake. [Please see the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th articles in Volume Four: The Holocratic Circle for further clarification.]

The following draft document is submitted by Katharine Dawn for consideration, improvement and endorsement by the Regional Holocratic Assembly – Northern Rivers.

The Core Values and Ethical Guidelines statement below is derived from the Bundjalung Elders’ Message and the region’s excellent former Sustainability Plan: Northern Rivers Regional Development Plan 2013 – 2016 [NRRDP] (stewarded by Regional Development Australia – Northern Rivers).

Core Values – Ethical Guidelines


Oneness – Ngali na jugun (We belong to / are one with country.)

Responsible Stewardship – Ngali garrima mala jugun (We respect / care for this country.)

Non-Harmfulness –Ngali wana janja mala jugun (We don’t harm this country.)


Sustainability – We ensure that all our natural resources are sustainably managed: that all development, initiatives and projects undertaken in the Northern Rivers Region adhere to Sustainability Principles, as developed and endorsed by the region’s stakeholders through a process of collaboration and cross-sectoral partnerships; as consistent with the NSW Whole of Government Sustainability Principles (NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, 2006); and as follows:

  • The precautionary principle: we can’t always predict the effects of our actions, so environmental decisions should err on the side of caution. We must take steps to prevent serious or irreparable damage to the environment even in circumstances where we have no firm knowledge that significant damage will not be done.
  • Intergenerational equity: future generations should have the same benefits as we do from the health, diversity and productivity of our natural resources.
  • The use of valuation, pricing and incentive mechanisms: environmental factors should be included in the valuation of assets and services.
  • Biodiversity and ecological integrity should be maintained and enhanced.
  • That we take a global perspective on local decisions.
  • That development aims to increase human welfare and/or quality of life.
  • That natural resource use is limited to make sure we maintain constant natural capital.
  • That efficiency of resource use is a major objective, contributing to creating a resilient economy and ecology.
  • That the community participates in creating and realizing this vision.

RHA – NR Participants are warmly invited to share their responses to this draft KFD, and to suggest any improvements and/or revisions. Please use the Comments below.


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