GHA Vision Mission and Priorities

This document – the GHA Vision, Mission and Priorities – is one of the Key Founding Document [KFD] of the Global Holocratic Assembly. With other KFDs, this document provides an inviolable guide for all GHA policies, strategies and activities. [Please see the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th articles in Volume Four: The Holocratic Circle for further clarification.]

GHA Vision, Mission and Priorities

[This draft is submitted by Katharine Dawn for improvement and endorsement by Members / Participants of the Global Holocratic Assembly]


Local Communities everywhere self-empowered and self-organized, united worldwide in mutual solidarity and strength, collaboratively realizing the sustainable, just and peaceful world of common aspiration


To inspire the membership of Local Communities everywhere to shoulder responsibility for realizing the sustainable, just and peaceful world of common aspiration, joining and participating in a ‘movement of movements’ founded upon the broad platform of ‘Global Solidarity for Local Self Determination’


1. Raising Public Awareness

2. The Self-Empowerment of Local Communities

3. Building a ‘Movement of Movements’ for Local Self Determination

4. Upholding the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

5. Adopting an Ethics-based, Egalitarian, Transparent and Efficient Organizational Model

6. Building the new genuinely Democratic and Decentralized Politico-Economic system from the Grassroots

7. Achieving Sustainability by means of Politico-Economic Decentralization, the Reclaiming of the Commons and the Ecologically-sound Transformation of Industry and Agriculture

8. Attaining Justice: Facilitating a Smooth Transition to an Equitable and Inclusive Society through Restorative Practices

9. Democratization of the Financial System

10. Creating the New World Map from the Grassroots

GHA Participants: Your suggestions for the revision and improvement of this Key Founding Document of the Global Holocratic Assembly are most welcome. Please use the Comments below for this purpose.