GHA – Priorities – Goals – Strategies – Action

Here we present action-plans for each of the Key Objectives or ‘Priorities’ of the Global Holocratic Assembly.

These one or two page Action Plans crystallize the Earth Holocracy Proposal into graspable ‘bits’, handles which clarify exactly how each GHA Participant may meaningfully contribute towards furthering the over-riding purpose of the Proposal: that of building a movement of movements uniting and empowering THE PEOPLE everywhere to work together co-creating ourselves the peaceful, just and sustainable world of common aspiration.

Please click the GHA Priorities below of particular interest to you, thereby opening the (usually) 1 or 2 page PDF file that presents the action-plan proposed for each Priority.

Priorities, Goals, Strategies, Action

1. Raising Public Awareness

2. The Self-Empowerment of Local Communities

3. Building a ‘Movement of Movements’ for Local Self Determination

4. Upholding the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

5. Adopting an Ethics-based, Egalitarian, Transparent and Efficient Organizational Model

6. Building the new genuinely Democratic and Decentralized Politico-Economic system from the Grassroots

7. Decentralizing the Economy to Achieve Sustainability and Real Democracy and Decentralizing the Economy – Appendix

8. Attaining Justice: Facilitating a Smooth Transition to an Equitable and Inclusive Society through Restorative Practices

9. Democratization of the Financial System

10. Creating the New World Map from the Grassroots

GHA Participants: Please use the Comments below for the purposes of

1) suggesting how any or all of the ‘action-plans’ might be improved

2) sharing with other GHA Members / Participants what actions you are taking in your own Local and Regional Community to further any of these GHA Priorities.


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