Holocratic Peoples Assemblies

Welcome. Thank you for your presence here: it testifies to your interest in people-powered solutions. This is vital: as the renowned geo-political analyst, Naomi Klein, points out: “Only mass social movements can save us now”! Echoing the voices of ‘real democracy’ and sustainability advocates worldwide, the Earth Holocracy Proposal’s key tenet is that we need all of us, each individual representative of “the 99%”, to do our part in order to actually realize the peaceful, just and sustainable world of humanity’s common aspiration. Thanks for showing up!


Holocratic People’s Assemblies are People’s Assemblies that organize themselves in a holocratic – that is, an ethics-based, transparent and egalitarian – manner. Please see the Earth Holocracy Proposal’s presentation of its advocated organizational model: The Holocractic Circle. Familiarize yourself with the diversity and functions of People’s Assemblies world-wide by exploring the Proposal’s Volume Three: People’s Assemblies and the era of Direct Democracy.

The Holocratic Assembly is dedicated to realizing a genuine empowerment of the people – by means of the Earth Holocracy Proposal’s community-rights-based strategy: see Local Community Empowerment.

The Holocratic People’s Assembly is dedicated to realizing a genuinely democratic world: a decentralized participatory democracy wherein the people everywhere – self-empowered and self-organized in their own place-based communities – work collaboratively to realize human rights and the rights of nature.

Aligned with the principles of ‘Real Democracy’, Holocratic Assemblies pledge to meaningfully uphold the significant and just rights of the world’s Indigenous Peoples: please see the Local Community Declaration on the Rights of the Local Indigenous People.

Global Holocratic Assembly

You, dear Reader – and all authentic advocates of a sustainable and genuinely democratic future – are warmly invited to join the Global Holocratic Assembly – and to have your say and play your part in helping to build a ‘movement of movements’ to unite and mutually empower self-determination, ‘real democracy’ and sustainability movements worldwide. Please participate HERE.

Local and Regional Holocratic Assemblies

As place-based communities at the local and regional levels come together to empower themselves and work effectively and collaboratively for the common good, they are invited to strengthen their Self-Empowerment and Self-Organization initiatives within the international arena by joining in, and helping to build, the proposed ‘movement of movements’ founded upon the broad and solid principle of ‘Global Solidarity for Local Self Determination‘.

Regional Holocratic Assembly – Northern Rivers :: Bundjalung Country

Residents of the Northern Rivers Region [Bundjalung Country], Northern New South Wales, Australia, are warmly invited to join the Regional Holocratic Assembly – Northern Rivers, dedicated to facilitating the effective self-empowerment and self-organization of the Northern Rivers Regional Community so as to ensure a sustainable, fulfilling and thriving future for all. Please have your say and contribute your skills, knowledge and commitment – connecting in HERE.


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