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      GHA Core Values - Ethical Guidelines

      [Submitted by Katharine Dawn for endorsement by the Global Holocratic Assembly]

      Life - Focus collective aspirations and efforts towards meeting 'the sustainability challenge' in time

      The Common Good - Support the emergence of a 'World that Works for All' – a just global society in which both human rights and the rights of nature are upheld

      Integrity - Support the emergence of a transparent and humane global society wherein word and action accord with the professed and most cherished values and common aspirations of humanity

      Liberty - Support the emergence of a free society wherein ideas and information are freely shared; wherein each individual's interests, aptitudes and potentials are nurtured; and wherein people have an equal say in making decisions that impact their lives

      Community - Support the emergence of strong and inclusive Local Communities, liberated to work collaboratively in a decentralized politico-economic system, maximizing opportunities for all their membership to meaningfully contribute to the long-term benefit of all as they freely direct their own affairs and freely manage their own local environment and resources

      Learning - Support the emergence of a 'Learning Society' wherein all members are engaged in 1) familiarizing themselves with accurate and truthful information (as opposed to corporate, government and media propaganda); 2) making use of best-practice methods for achieving the sustainable and genuinely democratic world of common aspiration; and 3) achieving the 'clean-and-green', ecologically-sound transformation of research, development and industry

      Holism - Support the emergence of a society and world that thrives 'holistically' – that is, by virtue of the power of 'unity in diversity', understanding that the strength of the whole is founded upon the strength of each part

      Optimalism – Use locally-tuned, globally-best-practice methods and proven design principles in order to maximize opportunities for achieving common goals

      Truth – Present what is true and of key relevance at this pivotal time, opening avenues for informed public decision-making and the ethics-based regeneration of society

      The Will of the People - Support the emergence of a decentralized socio-politico-economic system that is in step with the evolving aspirations of humanity, calling now for the ethics-based, transparent, participatory and fundamentally egalitarian evolution of global society

      Collaboration - Support the emergence of a global society that works collaboratively, at all levels, to advance common aspirations, working cooperatively rather than competitively

      Love – Support the emergence of a global society based upon love, compassion and authentic humanity

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